Want to shop in Marrakech


If you are looking for ready to wear ladies try to Guéliz in shops such as Mango and Stradivarius or farther in Almazar Jennyfer, Let's Talk Clothes. As for the gentlemen, Almazar you will find what you want, big brands such as Springfield, RG512 and Celio soldent their articles for your enjoyment. There are also balances the side shops that offer clothing for men, women and children, Lee Cooper, Zara, or Piazza Italia. If not you find your next Marjane Article on the road to Casablanca where all the shops of famous brands have come together.

If you are looking to bring back memories of Morocco you can take a walk in the souks of the Medina which remain one of the most fascinating attractions of Marrakech. Divided into trades and specialties (tanners, slippers, horns ...) you will find articles purely craft: lantern, slippers, candles and candle crafts, tea, jewelry, jewelry box, large and small decorative object ... You can also visit industrial district of Sidi Ghanem Marrakech, large gathering of artisans who open their shops for tourists.

If you want to shop online without having to move this site we offer comprehensive products that offer many craft which is purely professional fees for retailers: