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Crafts of Morocco


Crafts of Morocco inherited a long history, a guardian of tradition and culture, the Moroccan craft is an art oriented mostly utilitarian crafts of Morocco a modest art, crafts of Morocco is finally a manual art and an art where the material and the tool crafts have a prominent place. This is a technical craft production in Morocco is to say a manual production or small. Crafts of Morocco includes people who produce these criteria.

Very fashionable, the riads resurrect a way of life that Moroccans them even had a little forgotten. Of blackberries in a blind alley without charm, hidden paradise that is always open with astonishment: aroboré often a patio, a fountain, singing birds, a terrace, a real place to live and where we found throughout the medina, its ménarets and the distant snow-capped Atlas.

New Vision for Candle Design is a company creating phtophores and candles create craft in 2006 by two young Moroccan artisans passionate about the business encien. A new dimension of crafts of Morocco, NVD offers a range of products with special price. Patenting of traditional lanterns candles in different sizes and colors is an art suitable for caterers and hotels. Monthly and annual subscription. Shipping throughout Europe and the United States.

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Artisans are now endangered and tend to be replaced by industrial craft enterprises very polu and whose production is often inferior to that of craftsmen. The artisan is generally a person who practices the craft, that is to say without using an automated manual work. It has a traditional technique on his own often helped his family and learning that form.